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David Kravets

Senior Loan Officer
307 Waverley Oaks Road, Ste 409, Waltham, MA 02452
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NMLS: 32721

About David

I have been in the mortgage industry since 1997. I worked as a Senior Loan Officer at the North American Mortgage Company / Dime Savings Bank / Washington Mutual for three years, where I was recognized as the "Top Retail Producer" in 2001 and 2002, and was granted a "Million Dollar Award." In 2002, I was offered a Branch Manager position at Stockton Turner & Company, where I organized and ran a top producing branch for a period of four years, and was awarded the "2004 Legion of Merit Award for Outstanding and Superior Performance". I continued my career path as a Branch and Regional Manager with Amerifund Financial, Inc., American Nationwide Mortgage Company and Home Savings of America. During that time, I was awarded with such recognition's as “The National Congressional Committee’s Business Advisory Council” and “The Wall Street Journal Businessman of the Year” in 2003 & 2006. I also received "Congressional Medal of Distinction in Recognition of Outstanding Meritorious Service by the National Congressional Committee 2005 & 2008", among others. I joined Guaranteed Rate in order to have all the tools and technology necessary to serve my past and future clientele and referral partners as well as to share my knowledge, expertise, vision, experience and success. Because Sharing is Caring!

Marina del Rey, CA
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Here is a small selection of comments and reviews made by MDR credit customers. All of these comments and reviews were unsolicited and received via email in our Customer Support department.

In publishing these comments and reviews we have abbreviated the customer last name to an initial to preserve privacy. No other modifications have been made.

Default Avatar55
Carlos D.

Thanks guys. I’m telling anyone who will listen. It works! If you are on the fence, it’s time to get off.

Default Avatar55
Elena C.

Thank you for your service and professionalism! I am happy with the services that you have provided.

Default Avatar55
Emma L.

This was the best decision ever. A great success!

Default Avatar55
Anthony B.

Thank you for the great service by the way, my score has went up almost 100 points in the last two or three months!

Default Avatar55
Nathan M.

I’m satisfied, and all derogatory marks have been removed from my report. Thank you!

Default Avatar55
Guy L.

Great, thanks very much. You guys have great customer service. Also, I am sure your work helped me get my home loan and recent credit card, which was the whole purpose.

Default Avatar55
Clint B.

You guys have done an amazing job I’m so very happy my score has improved 100 points I only have 1 thing left negative on my account now.

Default Avatar55
Jong P.

Thank you for being help me for improve my credit my credit been improved significantly your teams are great.

Default Avatar55
Catherine P.

I’m very happy with the services and have recommended tons of people.

Default Avatar55
Julious D.

I am quite happy with the way everything is trending. I’ve already seen some pretty great improvements to my scores since you all have taken action. Quite a few deletions and other items have fallen off my reports. I am ranting about you all to a coworker and trying to get my partner to sign up too. I believe my TransUnion score has gone up by about 45 points already. So whatever it is you guys are doing- keep it up! I can’t wait to see the results in next week. Thank you so much for reaching out to me and checking in. I very much appreciate it. Warm regards,

Default Avatar55
Robert B.

I would like to thank you for all your help in assisting us in repairing our credit this year. You have made a tremendous impact for us and we would like to thank you very much for what you have done.

Default Avatar55

Before coming to you I had done all that I could do to improve my credit score. After it was all said and done I still had 2 inaccuracies that were holding down my score. 1 of which was reporting to all three bureaus and the other was reporting only to TransUnion. With the prompt responses from your team I started the process on March 2nd and on April 26th I received my last notice from the credit bureau that the items had been deleted. So in a record time of less than 60 days Sky Blue Credit has removed erroneous items and my score has increased by roughly 70 points. I am now back in the 740-755 FICO score range.
Thank you for all of your help and given that I am all set with my credit repair needs, I proudly request that my membership be canceled.
Thank you for all of your time and effort.

Default Avatar55
Jason R.

Thanks for the follow up! So far, I’ve been very impressed with the success of your system. A number of old (mostly negative) accounts have been removed, and my credit score has jumped about 80 points in the last 2-3 months. Kudos!

Default Avatar55
Arielle M.

Just wanted to take a second to say thank you and you guys are awesome!

Default Avatar55
Lisa B.

Your service is the BEST MONEY I’ve spent in a LONG TIME! GO TEAM SKY BLUE!!!


It starts here.

Default Avatar55
Gregory W.

Please cancel my subscription effective today as my scores are over 700 with two bureaus and high 600’sin the other. You guys have done a wonderful job. Thank you so much for your hard work and trust I will refer your services to anyone and everyone I know that may be in need.

Default Avatar55

I would like to take this opportunity to thank your company for the OUTSTANDING job you guys did in my repairing my credit report. Just over a year ago my credit report was in the 580 range. After almost a year of using your services it is now in the 700 range. Before using your services I didn’t think you would be able to do much with my credit report, much to my surprise and satisfaction you were able to remove 27 items off my credit report. Your staff was professional and kept me updated every step of the way. I have recommended your services to friends, family, mortgage lenders etc., and will continue to do so. You guys are phenomenal I cannot say enough great things about this company or thank you guys enough. I was very sad to cancel my membership 🙁 but because of your efforts I am now looking into buying my first home. Please feel free to use this letter as a testimonial for all great work you do.

Default Avatar55
Susan S.

Your service was great

Default Avatar55
Wayne and Lana M.

Your team is doing a great job! Thank you again for your continued efforts, they are very much appreciated!

Default Avatar55
Marion P.

I would also like to commend you all on the tremendous job performance on cleaning up my credit files. Thanks a million, many blessings.

Default Avatar55
Yvette R.

I appreciate your kindness and veracity!

Default Avatar55
Maughn B.

On Feb 102014 I became a member. My credit really needed help and I knew I couldn’t ignore it any longer. You guys got involved and provided me with an easy to understand “work flow” and system to start repairing my credit. Now here we are on 9/25/14 and it appears our time together is coming to an end. I’m just a little short of being back into the 700s!!! Great job guys!! I will continue to keep a couple of credit accounts open with low balances and hopefully by next year I’ll be sitting in the700s with each of the Big 3. This will give me the ability to refinance my home with a shorter note at half the interest rate and save me a considerable amount of money over the coming years. I’m extremely grateful for the great job you all have done and-will be more than happy to recommend you to any friends, family or associates if/when they need some assistance getting their credit straightened out. Thank you all and take care!

Default Avatar55
Erin B.

I am happy with the wonderful work on your behalf. I am happy with where my credit scores are at and no longer need these services. Thank you so much for helping me with my credit scores!!!

Default Avatar55
David M.

Thanks, by the way you all have done a great job so far and I appreciate it.
Thanks again!

Default Avatar55
Richard S.

You guys were great. I will recommend you moving forward.

Default Avatar55
Latonia C.

Thank you for a job well done. I am pleased with my services and I will gladly recommend your services. Thank you!!

Default Avatar55
Monique C.

Thank you for checking in. I am extremely happy with the results that I have seen so far, and I look forward to continuing to receive great results. From June 29th to August 2nd my credit score has improved 74 points with Equifax, 46 points with Transunion, and 22 Points with Experian. Thank you for your assistance and it’s nice to know that my goal of owning a home is becoming a reality. Everyone that I have spoken to from your company have been extremely professional and kind and I would highly recommend your company to friends and family.

Default Avatar55
Shauday B.

I thank you for turning my credit around to a complete 360 and leading down the path to success. You guys are phenomenal!!

Default Avatar55
Major L.

I’ve been very happy with your services and the diligence with which you’ve repaired my credit.

Default Avatar55
Miguel S.

Thanks and I appreciate all the hard work you guys are doing for me!

Default Avatar55
Damon B.

We are very pleased with the service we have been receiving. Thank you for your professionalism and due diligence in your efforts to help us reach our goals.

Default Avatar55
Jarrell L.

Hello Customer Support,
Good Morning! I would like to thank you for all of the work that you have done on my credit.
Have a great day,

Default Avatar55
James B.

I am very happy with the progress that was made and my credit report and score have shown considerable improvement in the last 6 months.

Default Avatar55
Timothy S.

I greatly appreciate the effort taken by Sky Blue and have encouraged anyone with credit worries to your service, I can’t say enough how sorting some of these old issues has helped with not only my score, but a peace of mind as well.

Default Avatar55
Nicole S.

Thank you. It has been a pleasure using your company

Default Avatar55
Dawn G.

Thank you for everything that you have done. I am extremely happy with the results that you have provided to me in regards to improving my credit. Thank you again for OUTSTANDING results!

Default Avatar55
David V.

Your staff has done a great job and I really appreciate it. I am recently going to propose to my longtime girlfriend. Once I get my financials back in order, I will be back!

Default Avatar55
Melissa C.

You’ve been a great help, and I appreciate all you’ve done.
Warm Regards,

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